WTA 22* mill sp Pilot


(Kay Miniver) #1

21,959,773 sp Gallente

  • wallet (200k)
  • Sec status (5.0)
    No killrights
    No jump clones
    2 neural remaps
    30+ Level 5 skills
    Located in Dodixie 9-20

Password: 121212

BONUS: 48 injected but untrained skills !
Electronic Attack Ships
Covert Ops
Minmatar Tactical Destroyer
Micro Jump Drive Operation
Advanced Weapon Upgrades
Energy Pulse Weapons
Nanite Operation
Nanite Interfacing
Resistance Phasing
Ladar Sensor Compensation
Radar Sensor Compensation
Large Hybrid Turret
Large Pulse Laser Specialization
Large Beam Laser Specialization
Medium Railgun Specialization
Large Projectile Turret
Cruise Missile Specialization
Heavy Assault Missile Specialization
Heavy Missile Specialization
Light Missile Specialization
Signal Dispersion
Weapon Destabilization
Projectile Weapon Rigging
Hybrid Weapon Rigging
Graviton Physics
Arkonor Processing
Bistot Processing
Crokite Processing
Dark Ochre Processing
Hedbergite Processing
Hemorphite Processing
Ice Harvesting
Ice Processing
Jaspet Processing
Kernite Processing
Mercoxit Processing
Omber Processing
Plagioclase Processing
Pyroxeres Processing
Scordite Processing
Spodumain Processing
Veldspar Processing
Command Center Upgrades
Interplanetary Consolidation
Remote Sensing

(TxivYawg1) #2

12bil buyout offer

(Gattanera) #3

14 bil offer

(TxivYawg1) #4

14.5 bil

(Gattanera) #5

15.0 bil

(Red Lola) #6


(Kay Miniver) #7


(Kay Miniver) #8

16.0 Bil and i kiss her goodbye and put her on the bus.

(system) #9

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