WTA 22m Scanner/Mission runner/miner

(Pereat Diabolus) #1

Pereat Skills

Used this for level 4s in a rattlesnake and exploration, and some smaller ship pvp, and some mining.

2 jump clones in null, character is located in high sec amarr space.
No killrights.
Positive Wallet.
NPC Corp.
+4 implants, and 3% mining bonus implant.

We will start off the bidding at 13b.
Buyout: Offers.

Auction ends 48 hours from this post.

(Pereat Diabolus) #2

also can you sell a character from alpha account or it needs to be omega?

(Inactive Seller) #3

you can sell in alpha ccount


(Brock Khans) #4

You can transfer to/from an alpha account no issue

(Panizia) #5


(Inactive Seller) #6

i offer 15.5

(Pereat Diabolus) #7

I will take the offer of 15.5b. Send isk and account info when ready.

(Inactive Seller) #8

Isk and account was sent one moment ago.

(Pereat Diabolus) #9

Ok I will finish the transfer when I get off work in the morning! :slight_smile:

(Inactive Seller) #10

what happen with u ?

(Pereat Diabolus) #11

logging in now to get this done, very sorry I work in retail and it was VERY busy due to holiday.

Put in the ticket for transfer

(Inactive Seller) #12

Can you please send me the Api or post here ? wanna do some checks with the char in Evemon and the ticket transfers take some daya most of time.

(Pereat Diabolus) #13

yes will mail after DT

(Inactive Seller) #14

you can send with other character if u want… or use http://evemail.fuzzwork.co.uk is a tool made for a CSM members,m you dont need to enther in the char to send mail ( gray link in upper left side )


(Inactive Seller) #15

Of course, no api yet.

Edit: some time later i get the api

(Inactive Seller) #16

Received. Incredible normally delivery tickets delay many days.

(system) #17

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