WTA 22m Scanner/Mission runner/miner

Pereat Skills

Used this for level 4s in a rattlesnake and exploration, and some smaller ship pvp, and some mining.

2 jump clones in null, character is located in high sec amarr space.
No killrights.
Positive Wallet.
NPC Corp.
+4 implants, and 3% mining bonus implant.

We will start off the bidding at 13b.
Buyout: Offers.

Auction ends 48 hours from this post.

also can you sell a character from alpha account or it needs to be omega?

you can sell in alpha ccount


You can transfer to/from an alpha account no issue


i offer 15.5

I will take the offer of 15.5b. Send isk and account info when ready.

Isk and account was sent one moment ago.

Ok I will finish the transfer when I get off work in the morning! :slight_smile:

what happen with u ?

logging in now to get this done, very sorry I work in retail and it was VERY busy due to holiday.

Put in the ticket for transfer

Can you please send me the Api or post here ? wanna do some checks with the char in Evemon and the ticket transfers take some daya most of time.

yes will mail after DT

you can send with other character if u want… or use http://evemail.fuzzwork.co.uk is a tool made for a CSM members,m you dont need to enther in the char to send mail ( gray link in upper left side )


Of course, no api yet.

Edit: some time later i get the api

Received. Incredible normally delivery tickets delay many days.

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