WTA 44.6mil SP SOE Mission Runner Burner & Incursions 40bil

Can fly great Tengu & Golem as well as most ships needed for burner missions

Can Fly Perfect TVP Scimitar logi

Has great standings with Sisters of EVE

Has Full H/G crustals with Omega and Hardwires for Missles
Has Learning Clone
Has H/G Ascendancys (No Omega) Plus Hardwires for Incursions

Skill Sheet

Pos Standings
Pos Wallet
No Kill Rights

Starting Bid 30 Bil
No Researve
Buy Out 40bil
Auction Ends 30/01/18

Transfer will be Paid via Me and not support ticket so will only take 10 hours

I reserve the right to cancel auction at any time

32 bil

34 billion.

35 bil

36 bill

36.5 bil

Buy out Reduced to 40bil

I will pay via card for transfer not support ticket / isk

Ill Accept this offer

Please forward isk and account name

isk and account info sent

transfer started

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