WTA Caldari Character - 64.4M SP - excellent

Jaz was born Jan 10, 2010, and has 64.4M skill points. She is a excellent character located in a station in hi-sec, and is in a NPC corp.
She has a positive wallet; no kill rights; 3 neural remaps available; and 3 jump clones.
She has a Rattlesnake, 2 Tengus, and many other ships.
One clone has a midgrade Crystal set, and some 5% hard wiring.
If anyone was aware back when, FWIW, Jaz’s Tengu beat Stoic’s Mack, who was touted as the "king of L3’s. (it’s all in the old forums.)

Anyway, Jaz has been a great character.


I’d like to start the bidding at 50B, and see where it goes.

I’ll go by all the rules, and I will pay the transfer fee.

50b offer

52 bil

I don’t mean to interrupt any bidding, but I made a mistake.

I have Jaz’s BD listed as 2010. It should be 2009.

Please continue . . .

Zazzel Blackthorn,

Thank you for the bid of 52B, I will accept it.


ISK and account info sent via in-game mail.

Started the transfer and paid the fee.

Already got a confirmation that “character transfer initiated”.

I think it takes about 10 hours. It looks like we are all set.

Thank you.

Confirmation email received. Thank you!

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