[WTA] Mighty Tiamat - 14.5 Million Skill Points

(Mighty Tiamat) #1

Mighty Tiamat Eveboard

Has skills for covert ships as well as other helpful abilities including planetary interaction skills.
Currently training while waiting for acceptable bid.

No Kill Rights
Security Status 0.02
No standings other than starting agent
Wallet will be 0 at time of transfer and is currently positive
Basic Set of Implants (+3)

Current Attributes: (PER 23, MEM 23, WIL 23, INT 23, CHA 20) - Remap available

4 Jump clones located near trade hubs but not in those systems:
Abudban, Ashab, New Caldari, Vylade (No implants in clones)
Loacted in High Sec

Bidding will continue until I accept a buyout offer.
Minimum bid 10 billion ISK
I will pay for the transfer.

Character has never participated in PVP and was used primarily for hauling and cynos.

(Fatli Solvent) #2

8.5bil buy offer

(Mighty Tiamat) #3

I am really looking for at least 10B

(Mighty Tiamat) #4

This char is still up for auction

(v3rmin) #5

I will give you 8.7b

(Mighty Tiamat) #6

10B is a fair price

(Mighty Tiamat) #8

Still for auction.

(v3rmin) #9

My offer still stands if you’re interested.

(Mighty Tiamat) #10

I am still looking for at least 10B

(Mighty Tiamat) #11

And the auction continues

(Mighty Tiamat) #12

So dawns a new day without my minimum bid. I am still training though for the points.

(Mighty Tiamat) #13

Gotta have 10B…need 10B…Gimme 10B :loveparrot:

(Mook Pollard) #14

9 Bil

(Mook Pollard) #15

10 Bil B/O

Isk and account sent.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Mighty Tiamat) #16

Starting transfer

(system) #17

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