[WTA] Mighty Tiamat - 14 Million Skill Points

(Mighty Tiamat) #1

Mighty Tiamat Eveboard

General skill spread but not just a free character. Has skills for covert ships as well as other helpful abilities.

No Kill Rights
Security Status 0.0
No standings other than starting agent
Wallet will be 0 at time of transfer and is currently positive
Basic Set of Implants (+3)

Current Attributes: (PER 30, MEM 20, WIL 24, INT 20, CHA 20) - Remap available

4 Jump clones located near trade hubs but not in those systems:
Abudban, Ashab, New Caldari, Vylade (No implants in clones)
Currently training meaningless skills for the points
Loacted in Chaven (High Sec)

Bidding will continue until Friday 8/25 unless I accept a buyout offer.
Minimum bid 25 billion ISK
I will pay for the transfer.

Character has never participated in PVP and was used primarily for hauling and cynos.

(Fade Redemption) #2


(Mighty Tiamat) #3

If you are not bidding there is no need to comment

(Fade Redemption) #4

Just like the 17m sp golem pilot for 40b lol

(Mighty Tiamat) #5

Just like the retard who has to troll other people’s posts

(Mighty Tiamat) #6

I will consider all offers

(Quinlin Harpy) #7

Skills all over the place and a total mess overall. Will offer 5bil

(Mad Vemane) #8

offering 6b

(Rage Hacker) #9

No offence, but selling a char with 14M and asking for a 25b minimum bid is more like trolling lol

(Mighty Tiamat) #10

What I am really selling is the character name and skill points. Also the early start date can be matched with skill injectors.

(Mighty Tiamat) #11

Still available

(Mighty Tiamat) #12

I am still training this char and auction is still on