WTA Minmatar Character 8.8M SP - SOLD

Trish is located in hi-sec, and has a positive wallet. She is a very good starter character, with about 3.2M in gunnery, 1.7M in drones, and many more basic skills.


She is in a NPC corp, has one jump clone, and 2 neural remaps available.
She has no kill rights.
1-5 Beta Implants, 6-10 3% hard wiring.

Please start the bidding at 5B. There is a 10B buyout.

I will abide by all the rules and pay for the transfer.


Are Minmatar toons worth that much?

Il bid 7bil

Good morning,

Thank you for that bid. I would like to get a little more. If not, and if I don’t get a BO, I will consider your offer and let you know tomorrow morning.



I will accept your offer of 7bil.



Ive sent the 7bil we have agreed upon, and sent and eve mail with the account details.

I have contacted CCP, made the transfer and paid the fee.
I think now there is a 10 hour waiting period.

I will mark Trish as sold.

I think that’s all I have to do.

Thank you.

I received an email from CCP that “Character Transfer Initiated”.

I think we’re all set.

She came through just fine, thank you for a nice and easy transaction.

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