WTB 100+Mil sp very focused Industry,science,mining char

WTB 100+Mil sp very focused Industry,science,mining char

good name I appreciate,self-section not injected


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still available?


Rorqual Mining or Exhumer Mining?

I have another thread but I am for sale:
although I have no reprocessing skills, if that is what you are after.

how much

I can’t see your link of character

How much

Magnus Flagrifer I can offer 87B

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Cant lie would take a lot to prize him away.

???very focused Industry,science,mining char
no thank you


Maybe the rorq skills are more intensive than I thought but my exclusive industry toon has max in everything except the new moon ore refining and its not even 40msp.

This is all invention and manufacturing as well. Don’t know how you’re going to find 100msp focused in just industry and mining.


science 48mil sp
production 17mil
mining 35mil
shield . armor…
s command…

my i have a few

up up

not sure if I would sell lol but here is a very focused indy toon . EveSkillboard - Ida Aurlien hope it showed for u 176 mil sp