Wtb 2010 or older character with less sp

Hey o/
im lookin to buy an old char. i dont care about sp.
budget 3-6b (depends on zkill and sec status)

This account has 2x characters made in 2007.

Lt Nirmada - 2007/08/20, 1.74mil SP
CPTHavoc - 2007/08/24, 807k SP

Both are 0.0 sec, neither shows up on zkill.

how much do u want?

Not sure, what do you offer? I mean, you said it depends on zkill and sec status - but not in what way ^^

lol, i can give 3.5b for one of them
is that fine for ya?

what would be an acceptable price for ya?

Hey, sorry for the late response - had some stuff to do. Considering the transfer cost is €20, would 4 billioneros be acceptable?

it is a really good price, but im sorry a friend of mine got me a better offer :frowning:
gl finding a customer o7

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