WTB 5m SP PI Toons

Looking to buy several 5m sp PI toons. Link what you have.

Starting offer is 4b / toon

Have a 5+ mill SP character with 3 PI skill books injected at 0 SP each:

4b offer

I’m one of a trio: Character Sheet

All PI books injected, CC, IC and Planetology to 4, others to 3; 1.7m free SP


how does 4.5 sound? and also whats the other 3 characters like?

4.5b can work

Links for the other two:
Fiona is the same; had same training plan as Shrek:

Donkey had a hiccup and the PI skills are slightly less with 4 in CCU, 3 in everything else except Advanced Planetology which is not injected and 1.1m free SP

Confirmed I am available

Confirmed I am available

intrested in all 3 do they have remaps available?

All have regular remap available and 2 bonus available

Shrek & Fiona - All +3 implants

Would you sell for 4b/each if i take all 3?

I was aiming for the min reserve for the better two to be 5 but I can go 4.5 for them and 4 for Donkey. 13b for the lot

I’ll offer 13B

I wanted to give OP first chance at it but given its been a few hours, first come first serve. 13b accepted for Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. Please deposit ISK and let me know what account(s) you would like them on. Either all to Shrek or individually as above

Isk and account info sent to each toon

Shrek transfer started

Fiona transfer started


Donkey Transfer started. Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you!

Well i would have taken 13b but someone sniped it in my thread…

check this WTS +5m SP toon