[WTB} All Characters 5-150m SP

I could do 18b right now.

Vondri I could do 40b


5m SP

vondri1 I can do 42 Bill

Xeno Wolf I can do 20Bill

Raisa Tudose I can do 11 Bill

pourquoi yoda I can do 9B

Greffen I can do 17Bill


5 mil SP

EveSkillboard - Celeste Solano

EveSkillboard - Lord Uldros

Possibly for sale shortly, will ofc be in neutral crop etc and in HS if I accept

@Celeste_Solano 31.5 bill

Celeste Solano I can do 32 bill for Celeste Solano and 46 for Lord Uldros

Drazz_Al_Feydakin I can offer 2b

Email me in game with account name or provide here and I will begin transfer. Just want to make sure going to correct place.

Isk and account name sent. Drazz Al’Feydakin

@Celeste_Solano I’ll give you 31.5 b for Celeste Solano and 45.5 b for Lord Uldros
isk ready :wink:
see ya

Transfer has begin.

Thanxs boss!

EveSkillboard - Don Pedro 3JIoDeu price?

I can do 24B