[WTB} All Characters 5-150m SP

I requested a value but you already posted on mine. I was not paying attention. This post is edited to show.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kenshiro_Shinken 40m SP
what kind of offer can you make fr this character? Will move to NPC corp if offers are mind-blowing!

Kenshiro Shinken I can offer 20B


Dedicated PI toon + SP farmer

Barely even the extractor cost we both know you can do much better :slight_smile:

I Love PI 2B

dedicated Golem toon, price check pls
Iā€™m new to this section, can you link me the rules of this section?

Price check
Best Eve name!

Price check plz


@Reddit_Warrior 7.5b!

@Cirdan_Severasse 1.5b, but you can get more

Reddit Warrior 8 Bil

Cirdan Severasse 1.7 Bil

Joseph Panacan 2.7 B

EveSkillboard - RiverSena 127 m

46 Mil SP

Fayde Wodenkirk 23B

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https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/mobius_Pava 87m SP

mobius Pava 41 B