[WTB] C1 WH with HS-Static

(Nicolas Kion) #1

I`m looking for a C1 (preferably pulsar or magnetic) wormhole with an Astrahus.

Willing to pay 4b ISK (if PI is good, 250m extra per POCOs if they are for sale too)

(Lulu Lunette) #2

I can sell you mine

No effect J223650

I own the POCO’s

(Keno Skir) #3

Don’t suppose you would consider a nice C2-HS/C1 with an installed Astra?

(Nicolas Kion) #4

Does it come with an astrahus?

(Nicolas Kion) #5

may you tell me the j-code?

(Keno Skir) #6


(Lulu Lunette) #7

Yes! :purple_heart::blue_heart:

(Johnny Rocketfingers) #8

whats the price on that j213111 hole?

(Nova Trabal) #9

I’ve got a WH for sale, however it’s a C2. I own all POCOs, comes with an Astra.

JCode: J104008

(system) #10

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