WTB Caldary mission runner lvl 5 character

WTB Caldary mission runner lvl 5 character

Are you looking for just a puller or a character to actually run the missions?

puller, but if have runner also ok

Can get you a puller with 7.0+ Caldari faction standings. it has very little SP so its only good for pulling. 12b is my price

12b? Heh, keep your toon in yor pocket :wink:

looking for toon

I can offer a toon with about 5M SP and Caldari Navy Standing 9,38 :slight_smile:
Open for offer. :wink:

Why not just buy a standing?

My friends dont like do this for any money:)

Imiar Timashae is very trusted doing those services. Fast and for reasonable price.


You friends dont like doing it for money so…you re buying one off the market WITH money, :face_with_peeking_eye:


For buying to 7.0 it would have been cheaper buying the puller for 12b noted above.

Or buy me. I am also way cheaper than 12b xD

link, price

if you want you can buy me my char although only 3 million sp can use several ships xd

Link and price

They are very busy, 7 person in line

Right now I have 2,834 million but it does not give that result because an entire production skill was running out