WTB Character I used to own 'Osmodious'

Hi, ages ago I owned the character ‘Osmodious’, I’d like to buy this character back. If anyone knows the current owner, or if you are the current owner, please let me know.

Good luck.

In game mail would be your best bet. Just search the name and send a message.

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1 trillion ok

The quickest way to reach them would be to contact the person who you sold it to, if you remember their name.

If not, I doubt they will notice this thread…

I did a little digging for fun, maybe this helps. The character has been transferred twice. I assume the first transfer was you?


The character was active in combat until the first transfer.

After the first transfer, they founded a corp in 2014:

And after that first transfer they have shown up on Zkillboard in one last fight in Oct 2014:

They left and re-joined that same corporation in Feb 2015 in order to do a second character transfer, after which they have been in that corporation ever since with no zkillboard activity at all.

It is possible the current owner of the character has not used it since 2015.

This corp is pretty small and currently has only one other member who might know more about the current owner of Osmodious:

This other person has been active a lot more recently (Jan 2022):

And this person appears to be an alt or friend of someone from ‘The Wraithguard’ as I see the same characters often appear together on the same kills:

I frequently see the same name: ThatSmoker, who I assume is either a close friend or the main of naughty miner Katelo. Their name was also present on the last killmail of Osmodious (see above).

I guess that if a main of Osmodious is still playing, either naughty miner Katelo or ThatSmoker might know who you should contact, so you might want to reach out to them.

While these two haven’t seen action since Feb 2022, maybe one of his friends in Wraithguard can reach out to them? For example, vardon Deninard appears in kills with him, and has played this month.

Good luck!


Thank you all for the help especially Gerard Amatin, I very much appreciate the sleuthing. Hoping this works out

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