WTB Character with 2003-2005 date of birth

Write character name and price, pref eveboard link.
Skill points do not matter.


Investment grade toon, contact me in game if you’re prepared to offer a substantial premium over conventional pricing.

That’s a great character. But not what I’m looking for.
Daily bump.

Hey there,

How about me

Lovely, but I couldn’t live with myself if I had a Z in my name.
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3.5bil for juzee.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Amarr_Citizen_793584272 (PW: 789)

Shoot me a mail if interested…I’m setting up my sale later today (Saturday).


Thread could be dead based on OP date but you are the WTB I am looking for.


I have 66m sp. i have taken 2/3 of his sp off of him.
I was born within the first 24 hrs of the launch of eve.
all dreads and all carrier books plugged and just about every other skill ship related skill.
send me an eve mail if interested.


date birth 2003.11.24

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