WTS Oct 2003 Character 3m SP Name:Klub No Corp History

I made Klub as a test run before making my main character when I first started playing eve. He has been sitting in the NPC corp ever since. Blank slate with an old date.

I expect his value is based on DOB and name.

He shows up as the 737th character born on eveboard.


Location is Jita
3 Remaps
Wallet positive
No kill rights
No jump clones
No special assets

So what is he worth? Make some offers and I will likely sell in the next week or two.
Wow me with an impressive B/O offer and I might jump on it.

7.0 Bill

Thanks for getting things started. :grinning:




Bump. So any other interested parties out there?



10.1 bil

I would be willing to sell for 10b+. Lux Marquls has the best bid so far. I will give this two more days for bids and sell at that point.

Bump. I will be wrapping this up tomorrow. Last chance to make an offer.

@Lux_Marquis I accept your offer for 10.1bil isk. Please send account info and isk. Please confirm.

ISK and account info sent. Please confirm.

ISK received. Transfer submitted.

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