WTS 16m SP pilot

Today I am looking to sell this 16M sp pilot. M4n1c M1n3r

I’ve owned the pilot for a few years and extracted the SP a long time ago. I left all the research skills for generating income. It has come time for me to let them go.

  • Has 16M sp - decent amount of core skills to level V
  • 1 Annual remap and 1 bonus remap
  • Nice implants plugged in to main clone

Respec this pilot into anything you want!

Post here with offers. Anything over 12B will be considered.

Bid 10b

also want the character since you were my old CEO in PROCORP <3

one of my favorite corps and my very first corp in eve

Meet me at 11b and it’s yours

I’ll bid 11 bil if Alasdair passes.

I can bid 11b

Alright it’s yours!

Go ahead and send isk and acct info. I’ll transfer shortly. (Am at work, so have to wait until I can break away)

I’m also currently at work. I will get it all sent to you sometime today. Thanks!

Sounds good

Isk sent with account name from Rannaey

Will send soon. Finishing up some work

Isk received and character transfer begun. You should receive official email shortly.

Pleasure doing business with you.

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