WTS 16m SP pilot

(M4n1c M1n3r) #1

Today I am looking to sell this 16M sp pilot. M4n1c M1n3r

I’ve owned the pilot for a few years and extracted the SP a long time ago. I left all the research skills for generating income. It has come time for me to let them go.

  • Has 16M sp - decent amount of core skills to level V
  • 1 Annual remap and 1 bonus remap
  • Nice implants plugged in to main clone

Respec this pilot into anything you want!

Post here with offers. Anything over 12B will be considered.

(Alasdair Kreoss) #2

Bid 10b

also want the character since you were my old CEO in PROCORP <3

one of my favorite corps and my very first corp in eve

(M4n1c M1n3r) #3

Meet me at 11b and it’s yours

(Maizie Fields) #4

I’ll bid 11 bil if Alasdair passes.

(Alasdair Kreoss) #5

I can bid 11b

(M4n1c M1n3r) #6

Alright it’s yours!

Go ahead and send isk and acct info. I’ll transfer shortly. (Am at work, so have to wait until I can break away)

(Alasdair Kreoss) #7

I’m also currently at work. I will get it all sent to you sometime today. Thanks!

(M4n1c M1n3r) #8

Sounds good

(Alasdair Kreoss) #9

Isk sent with account name from Rannaey

(M4n1c M1n3r) #10

Will send soon. Finishing up some work

(M4n1c M1n3r) #11

Isk received and character transfer begun. You should receive official email shortly.

Pleasure doing business with you.