WTB Characters with greater than 5.0 Sec Status

Trying some shenanigans. Prefer chars with over 6.0, but will consider any with greater than the standard 5.0.

SP amount doesn’t matter.

You can also mail me ingame or contact CaFi#6098 on discord


good luck… very few characters have above the 5.0 and the ones i know of that are still around, the owners arent getting rid of.

I assume as much making this but still worth a shot

You mean positive trig standing… security status is completely different it allows you to not get shot by faction police in high sec.

i know exactly what he asked for. many years ago, you could go above the 5.0 sec status. now you cannot. thats what he is asking for, a character who is still above the 5.0. he mentioned nothing about the stupid triangle people.


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