WTB Core Skills Done Starter Toon

Would like medicore shield, Turret weopons, basic drones skills, be a bonus if the toon can get in a BS
Have 2 bil to offer.
Thank you

Going toward Ishtar pilot…

Inject Gal BS skill book in there… @Elanis_Kanaldi i will take it :grinning:

Done… send me an evemail with account info and the isk and i will start the transfer.

Currently Training

Skill Name Gallente Battleship I
Time Remaining 45 minutes from now

@Elanis_Kanaldi Confimed, see skill injected. Sending Mail now. Thankyou

Account name and isk sent. Thank you @Elanis_Kanaldi

ISk and account info received, character transfer in process. Takes about 10 hours.

Mail confirmed character is in bound…Great Thank you :call_me_hand: :+1:

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