WTB focussed JF pilot

My goal in this game is to fly the Ark since it’s the prettiest ship in the game.
Buying a char is cheaper than buying skill points so here goes nothing!

Thanks in advance!

Up, I’m still looking for one

Why don’t you just skill your character into it an Ark, it will be a lot more rewarding achieving it yourself. I eventually skilled into an Anshar. It was a long project but i got there in the end, plus the skills i got for the JF were very helpful for other ships.
Just a friendly suggestion.

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How much for this char?

I’d like 16b.

I don’t have that kind of isk sorry. Ill keep on looking for a focused jf char instead
Thanks for your interest!

Just more an FYI for you, this is a pretty focused JF char, just the jump skills and spaceship command skills for JF are something like 15-20 million SP for a high end JF character.

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