WTB Industry and/or Research toons

Looking for 3m or higher toons specializing in Industry and/or Research.


I hope we can come to an accord.


@Yukora It has a little industry. How much are you looking for?

@Biz_Wiz didn’t know you could use @ mentions :smile:

How does 3.5b sound sir?

@Yukora you do have cyber 5 which is nice. I think the highest I can go is 3b though. That work?

@Biz_Wiz deal. Let me get to Jita so I can purchase Plex for the transfer.

@Biz_Wiz wrote you a in-game mail, so we can finalize the deal.

@Yukora isk transferred, account name mailed. Thanks! :smile:

@Biz_Wiz ticket is out.

Daily bump.

@Biz_Wiz CCP took too long imho, transferd 3b back. Cancel deal.

@Yukora I received the refund. If you decide to try again, let me know.

@Biz_Wiz heh. Not for that sum, it barely covers transfer cost. The revenue is basically the cost of the implants. CCP gave me time to reflect.

@Yukora yeah, at 3m SP there isn’t much profit to be made. Keep training it up and let me know when you’re ready to sell it. :slight_smile:

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