WTB Nyx Sitter (completed)

(Rebar Muskel) #1

Looking to buy a nyx sitter, ideally one that can also fly an ARES (or any other interceptor really, but ares would be ideal)

(Rebar Muskel) #2

to the top

(Rebar Muskel) #3


(Lord Gaellen) #4

pw: g4lw1x13

Shoot me an offer

Doesn’t fly Ares but that shouldn’t be hard to train.

(Gal Wyxie) #5

Just reporting in with the character

(Rebar Muskel) #6

16 bil give or take~

(Gal Wyxie) #7

Would you be willing to go 18 bil?

If so, send isk and account info to character in game and will initiate transfer

(Rebar Muskel) #8

I think 16 bil is a competitive and fair price, Im wiling to go as far as 17 bil, but no further.

(Gal Wyxie) #9

Ok. I will accept 17 Bil.

Please send account name and isk.


(Rebar Muskel) #10

Isk is ready, will contact you ingame for further details!

(Gal Wyxie) #11

Account name and isk received

Initiating Transfer

(Rebar Muskel) #12

Thank you. Will confirm when character has been recieved

(Gal Wyxie) #13

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thank you

(Rebar Muskel) #14

character has been recieved.

(system) #15

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