WTS Nyx sitter 8.7mil SP 9bil

Wts nyx sitter 8.7mil SP


no kill rights NPC corp No killmails

9Bil b/o


How far away is this pilot from using a carrier or super effectively?

Honestly not that far only need 7 days for fighters, can use t2 tank so maybe 2-3 weeks of training to be really effective

6B, PI skill is a waste…

no thanks won’t go lower than 9b takes 15 injectors to create and yea kinda a waste was only making 150mil a week with it

bid retracted

Bump looking for 9B

hell ill take 8bil at this rate lol

6 bil

IS this char still for sale?

yes it is

Still for sale? 8B ready! If accept please confirm ill send isk and account infor

i accept send isk, character is in jita then give account name

isk and account info sent. Please transfer!

isk received now transferring character to your account

ill receive email when you start transfer character right?

How can i tracking that character is transfering to my account? Because i didnt receive any email from CCP about transfer.

Dear ********

You have chosen to transfer the character Hera Falcon to the account named **************

Character received. Tks for the deal.