WTB Partially Corrupted Cryschip @120mil per unit

If you suppress Angel Cartel rats in FW space and you find

Partially Corrupted Cryschip

in their loot

contract it to me for 120mil ISK
at any station

There are 120 unique ids (81177-81296) of this type:

every id may drop multipple times


It seems as of a little over 3.5hrs ago, these were removed from the database.

No more drops?

You might looked up TQ vs SG diff instead TQ_Next vs TQ_Prev build.

Nothing cryschip-related removed since the addition:

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I see, thank you.

Absent from SG. But SG also seems to be quite far behind on current build.

Good to know there are still more out there!

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I am still buying it…

7 units bought so far…

I am still on it, remember:
find cryschip → contract it to me for 120mil ISK at any station

i’ve got all ids in range 81177-81206 (3 sets of 10 fragments each)
fyi, next ids set looked after is 81207-81216

find a cryschip → contract it to Elinore en Divalone for 120mil ISK at any station

If you wonder where you can get those chips for trade, try in Orfrold (Metropolis)Arnher (Metropolis)Taff (Metropolis)Gulmorogod (Heimatar)Resbroko (Metropolis) in Minmatar FW space system at the moment. Vanguards finished for now their activities.

That system is affected Those systems were by Vanguards activity right now …who, among other things, …salvage salvaged cryschips(!) from faction ship wrecks that crash landed on planets.

But who knows, maybe those cryschips are still in the systems they affected.

@Istrulf_Sinulf I would accept your contract if it was for cryschips with ids 81206 and higher. I’ve already have the id (81185) you set up contract for me.

Have you looked in the FW systems affected by insurgency I’d listed above? Here is the complete list again.

All those systems were affected by Vanguards completing salvage contracst for x12 cryschips from Mordu’s Legion Bowheads technology vaults, during 21st-25th March EVE Vanguard playtest:

  • Ardar (Metropolis) - corruption contracts only
  • Orfrold (Metropolis) - suppression and corruption contracts
  • Arnher (Metropolis) - corruption contracts only
  • Taff (Metropolis) - corruption contracts only
  • Gulmorogod (Heimatar) - corruption contracts only
  • Resbroko (Metropolis) - corruption contracts only

I suspect the cryschips salvaged by Vanguards might be still there (ids 81206-81217)

great news, apparently new cryschips have surfaced here and there with ids in the range of id 81247, I am still buying them up

ok got the 81247 id, will buy the higher (or lower down to 81206) ids ofc now

News flash!

More cryschips with ids in the range 81206-81246 can be found in FW space in rear guard systems’ FW hacking sites.

My appreciation for your effort will be expressed in my ISK ofc :slight_smile:

120mil ISK per unique id cryschip.

contract me at any station