WTB Production, Planetology, Mining pilot

WTB Production, Planetology, Mining pilot
Planetology pilot

morning…i have a pilot who has 10,825,484 SP. Pi a few is at 4, and one at 5. industry V, advanced Industry III, Mining V Mining drone V, mining Forman V.

and also for the PI pilot…what skill level are you looking for? i have another PI piot

Can you post a skill book link for the toon?

I am going to be up for sale soon, level 5 transport ships plus 5 planets PI and CCU lvl 5. Also fly tech 1 barge with tech 2 strips and hi sec ore crystal

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i have a mining and planetology character i would like to sell. he has assorted other skills and some production skills. Currently looking for 15b.

  1. 0 isk balance
  2. No kill rights
  3. high sec clone
  4. Current location: Sinq Liason - Coriault - Dodixie
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