WTB pure hauler toon

Needs high profficnecy with freighters, level V prefered. Minmitar DST prefered. If it also Has JF skills thats acceptable. Trade skills are alright but those are about the only skills id care to pay for. Show me what youve got. Prob looking for two toons.

Transport 5
Freighter 5
Very focused Minmatar

Take a look and make an offer if you feel so inclined.

Can offer 8B, was gona offer 7B but I like the name ^^. if this is satisfactory ill mail you the account and send the isk over. Thanks

Thanks for the offer, but it’s not worth the transfer cost for less than 10B. I’ll just train her up some more and see what I can get in six months.


Please see in-game eve-mail from my main character.


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