[WTB] PVE alt. Gunnery Skills Focused (4 - 5/5)

Looking for a low-mid SP toon versed into generic gunnery skills 4 - 5/5 aka rapid firing, sharpshooter etc. not missile toons bonus is edencom ships / gunnery skills and/or triglavian ships / gunnery skills which will be paid for accordingly.

Looking to dip it into trig and edencom ships.

Thank you in advance, please post your toons.

*I reserve the right to close down the post if I find something at any given time.

D. bump.


Maybe not much intuitive for my name, but i am trained in all tghe frigates and turret alpha frigate/destro sskills. Currently checking the last skill to be complete to do abyssals tier zero. Stromng in frigate / destro missles rockets too.

I need free the space, interested ?


If interested answer the thread, currently not enter the weekends but checking the forums.

How much

Closed by Request of the Op.