WTB sub-cap PVP support alt. 75bil budget

I’m on the lookout for a toon to aid in my PVP ambitions.
The toon must have the following skills:
Logistics cruisers 5
Decent leadership skills (T2 boosts and mindlinks)
Decent sub-BS skills in Armor, drone, gunnery, shield and Nav.
Decent Electronics, engineering and targeting skills.
Cybernetics 5
High sec standings so isn’t going to get shot by faction police.

Optional/want to have skills:
Pre-cursor cruiser 5
Rigging skills to 4
Scanning skills
Able to fly Transport ships and bowhead
Battleship skills (including relevant guns)

Don’t want:
Missile skills
Capital skills
Indy, science or mining skills
T2 BS skills

Budget up to 75b. I won’t rule out toons that have the skills I don’t want but I won’t pay a premium for them. Likewise toons without all my wants may be acceptable. Offers here or in-game - show me what you got!


Got some of it, but not all - me?

Thank you @Mitolina but missing too many of the core skills I need. Keep them coming

Bump, please keep them coming

Still looking. I will consider lower skilled/SP toons to inject up.

contacted in-game

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