WTB TRIG and NAGLFAR Characters

30-40Mil Naglfar Character
20Mil Trig Character

The more perfect the skills the more I’ll pay.


How much would you offer for someone like myself?

I also have a full HG aski/pvp clone + a nice kb with solo abyssal kills (if that’s your type of thing)

22B as an offer


PW 1234

Have Ascendancy pod as listed

look for a good offer

Jake_Clawson how much?

@xylith_Amatin 36b

Bid retracted.

35b and yes.

Positive Wallet. Ascendancy clone is located in highsec

41b offer

ill offer 35b if i dont buy a character in the next 24 hrs


See my for sale thread if anyone here has interest.

19b bid

Leshak Pilot

@Jake_Clawson I’m interested in buying your character. Give me a couple days to get all the funds together. I’ll send you an mail in game. As long as the character is still for sell…

@xylith_Amatin okay. I have made a for sale post for this character.

You can post there when you are ready