WTB: Up to 2.5T in Merc services to raid bots

There is an alliance well known for bots that is currently blue to most of the map. I’d like to make it a little more difficult for them.

Up to 2.5T ISK budgeted for this operation. Looking at a 100B initial test contract to determine effectiveness.

Let me know.

What about making an open bounty for killing them? Paying out individual bounties might be a PITA, but you’d only be paying for results (I suppose you could require that they must submit at least x kills at a time). It also might be more effective, as this conceivably get more people into hunting them. I mean, adding bounties on top of loot drops and ESS thefts might make them a juicy target to a lot of players.

But, I’m just speculating.

Interested if still available.

Very interested if still available???

Still available?

We can assist

Well we are doing this day in day out at the moment happy to be payed for it I assume its winterco coalition your on about