WTF? Ship Tree is now full page?

So I’m in a busy situation, but I need to check some ship choices. So I click on Ship Tree in the Neo-Comm, and %^&!%@#&^!%!!!

I’m now looking at the full screen Ship Tree (I didn’t notice if it still had that godawful music still…) There is no way to minimize it, and I start to wonder in light of other recent changes if the devs have any idea at all about playing this game – maybe they should be forced to come out on Singularity (in ordinary fits) periodically so players can teach them a few things…

Perhaps it’s time to win Eve and move on

‘now full page’ ?

It always has been.

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Yeah, as Steve said. It’s always always been full page.

Bloody thing is about annoying as the Agency. Oh how I wish for the displays from 2010.
I see both of you don’t mind losing the ENTIRE screen to some silly grid.

It’s entirely optional to use.

For stuff like that, yes, I have no objection to it being full screen, because it’s not like I’m going to use it while flying.

The Agency has gotten a little better. Don’t like how opens on start up though.

I had been ganked by npc;s while looking at the ship tree when warping to a site.

It is a evil devil tree… that is what it is!

I think your not “holding it right”!

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