Hello 10gb update?

Anyone else getting a massive download when they tried logging on this morning?

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Didn’t pay attention to it myself, but I’ve heard others say the same thing the past few days.

I assume it’s because of the updated nebulae of a few days ago. They look even better now!


14 GB for a graphic that you only get to see if you mine in highsec maybe because else you don’t have time and opportunity to zoom in. But hey, if you do actually zoom in it is *lot prettier they say! I don’t know I play zoomed out and I disabled DX12 anyway because it felt slower with it.

*sorry typo not was meant lot

The graphic is very high explosion details

[ New Mining Barge explosion w/ audio])
Removed link as apparently youtube is seeding malware supposably it had been found by @ ResonanceOfWar
Careful your link has some type of malware attached check the link as well youtu.be wtf?
Don’t click that ■■■■ guys.

Sorry you miss out of the new mining barge and will just have to dream of mining in Highsec while sitting inside a Giant Titan…

If 10 gigabytes is an issue to you try adapting to the fact its 2022 lol. Signed - an old man from last century.


I feel you, brother!

That ten gig would have used up half the storage in my first gaming computer.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I didn’t say it was a problem, I just got exited that it might be something interesting.

Same and reason why I felt the need to post something more exciting.

My point here is that, this was needless work. What EVE needs are the actual gameplay improvements not even better graphic and new skins. Graphic was really really good already. High polygon models, especially ships and warping animations, very pretty. Abyss just wow. But the problem is that due to the way how the game is played you really don’t have much opportunities to admire this graphic or even see it.

CCP presents EVE on steam as graphic orgy game which you play from first person centered on your ship. But that isn’t game we play at all.

Yes, I will admit the ads on YouTube and graphics sucked me into this game :frowning: Sigh

It’s why I approach all gaming ads with 10000% skepticism now.

It’s why I use an ad blocker.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Careful your link has some type of malware attached check the link as well youtu.be wtf?

I will delete it but yeah it was a straight link from youtube, I would scan your pc as I thought youtube was google and google can be trusted more that Jita Local.

Strange I’ve never seen a . in youtube before.

What? You’re scaring me and have me all paranoid as I need my fix …Tama news by youtuber Mister Monopoly.

Youtube is safe right?

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Thanks for reminding me to not even open the launcher.


yea should be maybe it just shortend the address. + false positive

side note, I jumped through a system that had a green haze to the background and there were white npcs all over the place, the small green dot above my Shield Hub was not Trig or Edencon.

Could that had been the new update content patch?

Will trip back and find out the system

-Pemene Federal Stellar Observatory (Edencom)
-Mesybier Std 0.5 no action but just a fleet of Federation Navy Gallente sitting on the Orvolle gate

Weak Metaliliminal Exotic matter Storm**

While tripping around in my Tama Battle Barge

/This is new to Highsec right?

Metaliminal Storms - EVE University Wiki shows only nulsec space now in a 0.7 system???
10gb patch for this?


The core of the metaliminal storms only appears in null sec, but if the systems around the core of the storm are low or high sec then yes, metaliminial storms do appear outside null sec.

You can tell that it’s not the core system by the name: ‘Weak Metaliminal Storm’.


The storms are awesome, sux that I don’t get to interact with them being a low sec guy.