WTS 1.5mil SP Character, great name for trading MakeHekGreatAgain


Perfect for the new economic environment with Niarja down! Be the name behind the rebirth of Hek! Fame awaits! Dank memes!

Age: 25 Days old
SP: 1,492,336 Skill Points
Home System: Hek VII - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support
Located: Hek VII - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support
No Kills Rights
Security Status: 0.0
No Jump Clones
Positive ISK Balance: 2,324,755

Starting bid: 25 B

Buyout: 65 B

Shitty name, no standings, buyout of a 50 Msp character.
You might be retarded, son.


Thank you for the kind feedback father, i disagree on a couple of your points.

25B starting, 65B buyout for a 1.5m SP “trading” char that has f*** all trading skills (or any skills).

Man. wtf.

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