WTS 1 Character! Closed!

as a base, all characters have Rorq T2 indy core, Max level PI, ishtar with t2 drones, and gallente interceptors, also T2 Siege and xl Long/short range weapons
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/defnotanalt_Maulerant Sold
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nepplendorf_Alabel SOLD!
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Grendalar_Auffrie SOLD!
Feel Free to offer, otherwise they start at 35B each
Thank you all for participating!





101b for all 4

Thank you for the offer,. I do believe they are worth a little bit more than raw extraction value

Anyone of them you can accept 32B? I can send isk now.

do you want just one for 32b? or are you offering to pay 32b for each one in willing to part with?

I wish I can take all for each with 32B lol. But really don’t have that much isk.
I can take ONLY one of them. Anyone of them is good to me.

pretty much up to you if want a t2 triage and logi 5, or a Nag T2 siege with T2 xl proj weapons

Cool, if you are ok, can I take Grendalar_Auffrie? I can send isk and account through in-game email now. Which account do you want me to send?

ok are you on atm?

Yeah, I am about to go to bed

can we do it tommorrow? i had graptharr send you an invite ingame

If you are still selling I would like to buy Orbitat500 rocklover for 33B

give me a moment as i need to mull over actually selling my Logi toon

Account and Isk was sent in game to character Graptharr. Will receive Grendalar Auffrie

I have been Sold!

32bil buyout offered for Nepplendorf