WTS 10.0m SP Trading/Freighter4/Interceptor

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
1. Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices
2. Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
3. RH0-EG - Still Superless 7 17 17

4. Character location.
RH0-EG - Still Superless 7 17 17 (Null sec)

Password: 666

Extra information
60 Day Omega Plan is trained
40 days away from Ark requirements.
Excellent trader

Starts: 6b
Buyout: Can be negotiated through EveMail

password ?

Password = 666

6b offered

8b isk


you convod me - evemail / not on pc atm


Last bump :slight_smile:

Need to post on the character that is actually for sale (not your alt) and they must be in an NPC corp before posting for sale.

I accept the bid made by TheBank Manager in-game, therefor, bidding is closed.

isk and info have been send

not yet recieved char. Waiting for transfer

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