WTS 10.5 Mil SP Matari Pilot [SOLD]

Accepting Offers Above 5 Billion


  • Great Name
  • 10.5 Million Skill Points
  • Matari
  • Born 2012
  • Strong Core and Combat Skills, much potential - [ 17 Level 5’s / 33 Level 4’s ]
  • Sabre Capable
  • 3 Remaps Available
  • No Corp History
  • No Standings
  • No Killrights
  • Positive Wallet
  • Positive Sec Status
  • Implanted
  • Located at Amarr currently (an additional implanted clone also exists at Amarr)
  • Willing to move him (within reason) if requested.

First time selling a character, let me know if the price is justified, too generous or too steep.



Offering 5 b

Offering 5.2b.

Offering 5.5b

Hi guys, sorry for my late response!

5.5 billion sounds pretty good.

If you don’t mind, i’ll leave this up for another 24 hours to see if there’s a higher bid.

Otherwise I will sell Vys to Pem Khardula for 5.5 billion.


6B offer

Free Panda, you have the winning bid.

Please send 6 billion isk to Vys Phoon in game with your account info and i’ll initiate the transfer.


ISK sent!Waiting for characters

Isk recieved, transfer initiated. There is a 10 hour security delay after which Vys Phoon will appear in your nominated account.

Thanks for a swift and painless transaction.


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