WTS 10.6m SP focused Miner

Focused Miner never fired a shot in anger :slight_smile:

All CCP rules - OK
Positive wallet - YES
Located in High sec - YES
Positive Security Status - YES
I’ll pay transfer fees

3 remaps and set of plus 4’s

Make Me an offer

Starting Bid 5B


How much? You’ve not put in any buy out or bid.

make me an offer

Let’s start with 2.5bn and see where we end up.

I can offer 3B right now, ready to send ISK

3.1bn here and as most people, I can sort this right now.

3.3Bil, final offer.


At least match the Extraction price

Please tell us the magical extraction price.

I’ll give you a proper offer if you put a BO.

3.5b here lol


4.4B here


4.5b lol

5bn. I’ve sent you an evemail as well.

I’d offer 5.2B, ISK ready to be sent

5.5b isk ready to be sent

5.6B inboxed