WTS 30.9 mil Miner/Refiner/PI

All standard CCP rules apply

  • Will be in high sec when transferred
  • Will be in NPC corp when transferred
  • Positive wallet etc


Focused mining and refining char with strong PI skills. Comfortable in an Orca, but flexible depending on your needs.

No initial B/O, but open to offers.

Confirmed - for sale

this is a bump

10B … Will Offer

12 bill offer. complete now

I’d appreciate if we could avoid the troll bids of far below extraction value. Bump for the day!



18 bill bid

Extraction is north of 21 bil.

How desperate you to sell? What will you accept?

Not particularly desperate at all. At this point I’m more inclined to just keep it until the ore redistribution phase. Market seems to be flooded with miners at the moment - and I’m not really in a rush. Either someone will want to set up some more serious mining to take advantage of the coming shortage, and that might be a good match for this char - or, I’ll just wait until the ore redistribution comes into effect, where mining as a strategy will be more viable again.

Either way I’m ok to just keep this char for now, or if a solid offer comes along I’m up for a discussion. But bids below extraction + transfer costs are just silly, as then I’d just extract him instead.

so what do you value it as to proceed?

Extraction (21.3bil) - 1k plex (3,3bil). So at 24,6bil I’m at break even. North of that would be a minimum.

I can make sure transfer is via CC if that’s an issue - but we have a starting point at least.

To the top!

Up Up Up!

20 bil poor miner here

25B offer

25.2Bill buyout now

You are doing the math wrong, the toon is worth 18B if extracted, and to be honest, the name is sorta crap.