WTS 10.7M Stealth Bomber Pilot

(Katty O'Malley) #1


Total SP: 10,695,665

ISK Balance: 0
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clone: High Sec (Vylade - Sinq)
Location: High Sec (Jita - Forge)

Need the character slot and sad to let her go. Never got to use her for her roll. Fully ready to go as a Gallente Stealth Bomber pilot. Secondary roll was Caldari transport.


(Mr Jitananer) #2

4,5b bid

(Hodgey) #3

5.75b b/o valid for 1 hour

(Katty O'Malley) #4

Thanks you two but more is needed…

(Avallah) #5

6 bil

(mOky Dallocort) #6

6.5 Bil please check your in-game mail

(Katty O'Malley) #7

Thanks again for your interest but even with slight market downturn right now in extractors/injectors considered, my “buy now” price is 8.5B

(Avallah) #8

I think you need to do your math again. You can extract only 5,5m that is 11 injectors. Then you should count cost of extractors from market.

I offer 6,8b

(Katty O'Malley) #9

Yes if your purpose is only to extract then that is correct…if it’s not then my math is fine.

(system) #10

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