WTS 10 Officer Mods (and 11 Sentient FSUs)

(Wen Luofeng) #1

Since corp CEO doesn’t speak English very well, he told me the price among the modules he would like to sell.
If you are interested, please comment with a price below, instead of evemailing me ingame – those might get ignored.
I will inform my CEO to contract the commenter as soon as possible.

Module Names and prices:

Sentient Fighter Support Unit * 11 = 19B together
Tobias’ Modified Heavy Warp Disrupter = 18B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier = 13B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Sensor Booster = 6B
Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer = 7B
Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link = 8B
SOLDMizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer = 1B
SOLDMizuro’s Modified Gyrostabilizer * 2 = 1.8B each
Gotan’s Modified Ballistic Control Unit = 5B
Mizuro’s Modified Large Proton Smartbomb = 3B

All items located in Jita 4-4
Again please do not message me ingame as I will most likely ignore/not see it.
Thank you

(Halleflux Equeron) #2

I’ll take the gyros, contract to this char plz

If possible I’ll convo you in-game to talk about some other stuff, atm I can’t log in due to disconnects. (If you can’t take convos in-game at all lmk and I’ll just post offers here)

(Wen Luofeng) #3

Very sorry Halleflux, I talked to my CEO about contracting the gryos to you and found that I misunderstood him, instead of 1.8B for both the price is 1.8B each. He said for the inconvinience he can do 3.4B for both if you like to. And yes I can’t really take convos since I am not the one doing the pricing, so please fell free to post the prices down here.

(Halleflux Equeron) #4

1.6/ea is a bit high for me atm, sorry. I’ll post some other offers here in a while, nothing urgent though

(Not 4 Sale) #5

15 for the Tobi point?

(Wen Luofeng) #6

17 and its yours ; \

(Mad Vemane) #7

4b for the 2 mizuro gyro and the mizuro TE?

(Wen Luofeng) #8

Thanks for the deal ; )

(Wen Luofeng) #9

Bump ; )

(Wen Luofeng) #10


(Opus's Slave) #11

15b for point, cash-in-hand

(system) #12

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