WTS 100.6m SP Subcap focused PvP Character

@Alphaeleven_Ishikela Too low sorry mate.

Bump! :sadparrot:

Buy me! :sun_with_face:

Buy me! :moonwalkingparrot:

63B and will buy


65B isk online now

This 65b is my final offer…
Please answer me asap.

@Alphaeleven_Ishikela You realise this isn’t above extraction price right? If I wanted to sell at that price, I would’ve extracted it myself without having to pay a transfer fee. Thanks for the interest, but I’m going to have to decline for the fourth time :smiley:

I can NOT agree with you…
Your char can extract 191 Injector, so you must buy 191 extractor.
191 Extractor * 340mil = 65bil
U will get 191 injector for your skillpoints, 1 Injector you can sell for 640mil
191 Injecotor * 650mil = 124bil
124B - 65B = 59B
So my offer was 65B, that is 6B more then extract price is. Check my math. You will see that it is correct.
Feel free to contact me if you want that 6B extra.
P.S. On the plus side, this character will not be extracted. That is why I want to pay 6B extra.

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Pulling out offer, got another character.

My offer still stand…

u missed the tax selling the injectors in your math I guess

bought another

75B and will buy

Thanks for the offers but still too low.

@dddxxxx Would sell for 80b if you’re interested

On that note dropping buyout to 80b


skillboards needs an update.
offering 65b

Withdrawn - Another offer accepted

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