WTS 100.6m SP Subcap focused PvP Character

Faith Evingod - 100.6m SP


Password: 1234

  • no kill rights
  • positive wallet and sec status
  • 1 yearly and 2 bonus remaps
  • located in high sec


  • All races Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser 5
  • All T2 Small/Medium/Large guns
  • T2 Light/Medium/Heavy drones
  • Strong T3C skills
  • Logi Cruiser 5


  • Learning Clone
  • Mid-Grade Crystal set
  • High-Grade Talisman set
  • Genolution set
  • Mid-Grade Snake set
  • Mid-Grade Nomad set

Buyout Price - 80b

@BlastS @KSUSHA-A Remade thread for this character to make more clear, incase your are still interested :slight_smile:

Confirming I am for sale!

60 bil


@Laughing_Gorr @TxivYawg1 Thanks for the offers but looking for more :slight_smile:

@Legit_Sales_Lad whatever you say, dude! i know you used an alt to do shill bidding to start a bidding war. good luck, nobody will buy it at that price!!! watch and learn… i suggest you remake your ‘for sale’ thread and stay legit this time.

@TxivYawg1 Not sure which character your think is my alt, but whatever helps you sleep! I’ve had some offers that are quite close to what I want so it’s only a matter of time. Just because I won’t accept your lowball extraction value offers instantly, doesn’t mean it will never sell. Have a good day! :sun_with_face:

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61B ready

Bump! :sun_with_face: lowered buyout to 85b!

Bump! :christmas_tree:

62B isk ready here