WTS 102 mil SP - alt char -pvp - rorqual pilot - T3

Great alt char - covert cyno, T3, mining with rorqual, reprocesing, scaning, and also good pvp skils for suport char


Starting bid 65 bil

62 bil

I can do 66bil

Auction will last till sunday 24. then higest offer get it. o/

it will be great if you accept my offer now,just for personal use

66.5b offer

took too long. found another toon

4 days till auction close

2 days left to bid

last chance to bid on it

Vinny_DaMini offer accepted for 66.5bil

You can send isk and your account info for transfer

It’s been eight days. I just got my dream role. I’m sorry

You are next on list, if you want it for 66 bil send me your isk and info

stil waitin to hear from Danminer. You can put new offers in while we waiting

Lets start fresh - Starting bid 65bil

I can offer 60b isk ready

sry 65bil is minimum

bump bump

ok lets start with 60bil new open price

Antile Costagliola 58B