WTS 102M SP Character (SOLD)

Well, this character is for sale at a 65bil buyout.

  • POS wallet

  • Sec Status 5.0

  • In Amarr

  • No Killrights

  • +4 Implants with jumpclone in HS with the same

  • Currently in NPC corp

  • As of now 102mil SP with 2.7mil unallocated SP

Limited time will check this thread daily from 0000 - 0200 eve time.

65 bil Boyot Deal

deal accepted please message Orban in game and we can start the proceedings

Yes bro tomorow just i need too sell somthing THX

sounds good

Thank You

Bro 1/2 houer and i doit the transfer

Orban Transfer 65 BIL i Done pls Confirm and ready for Transfer.

To Jimmy5049

just got home… starting transfer

moment longer… forgot to turn off skill que

transfer complete… hope you enjoy!

THX BRO transfer complete.

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