WTS 102m SP Subcap GOD - Capital skills injected


I want to sell this char. I’m not in a hurry. Just leaving.


Take a look on skills!

Instant B/O 88

Located in Highsec
No Killrights
I will pay transfer


75b, skills aren’t quite what I’m looking for but might be workable

Thanks for start bidding


81 b isk

bump. b/o lowered to 95b

83B offer

84 b bid

85B offer

B/o is set to 92b, less than 90b i will not consider

BO is 90b now


Buyout reduced to 88b

Accept your price.

88B isk and account information has been sent to you.

Ok will start transfer in 5 minutes.


Character have been received.

wish you good luck.

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