WTS 102mil sp cap pilot

Hey all contemplating selling this character was wondering if you would be so kind to let me know what kind of offers I would be receiving. here is the link to my eveskill https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tony_Stark88_Yassavi

I offer 70B

Thanks for your offer lets see if any others come in. Will be in contact

can you do 75B?

pretty sure your char has to be in NPC corp to sell it here

I can put him in one in no time

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I was also waiting to see if any reasonable offers came through before I switched to an NPC corp

75B I accept, I will immediately transfer to ISK and send the account

please send eve mail to in game character Leon Alfrir with all details he will be the one that gets the isk

sale is off sorry got a much higher offer in game alliance thank you though

So too late now?

yes sorry but he came in 30bil more then you did sorry

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