WTS 103 Ml sp toon b/o 80 bil

(Shamballa) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Shamballa skills sheet

Ccp rules applied. All conditions are observed. Positive wallet, sec status and so on.

B/o 80 bil

I pay transfer fees.

(Matterall) #2

will buy 80 B

(Shamballa) #3

Approved. Auctions ends.

(Matterall) #5

Will contact you ingame

(Myrmidon King) #7

81 bil

(Nana Skalski) #8

One could suspect it ended before the price was even posted. :joy:

(Myrmidon King) #9

As per our discussion in-game, an agreement was made for 83bil. Isk has been sent and account details will be sent by in game mail

(Matterall) #10

ISK was sent earlier today. Auction ended at buyout 80 Billion to me.

(Myrmidon King) #11

I spoke with Shamballa in-game confirming 83. @Matterall did you receive confirmation via email from CCP that the transfer was initiated?

(GM Sura) #12