WTS 11.1 Mil SP Trader/Mission Runner

Perfect starter toon for someone wanting to get into trade and mission running!


  • 7 Trade skills already trained to level 5 with 1.5b in market sell orders included with this sale!

  • Can fly Caldari Industrial & Transport ships to level 5, and can also fly Caldari Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers!

  • Can fit both S and M hybrid guns with solid support skills to back it up!

  • Grinding level 2 missions with a 2.5 Caldari Navy standings (.50 more to level 3) !

Negative .11 sec status can fly anywhere
No Kill Rights!
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
Located in Jita
I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer fee

9B takes it!

Still 4 sale!


7b offer

@Maddicus_theGreat 8b and its yours!

I’d do 8bil buyout

@Risien_Drogonne I accept your offer of 8b

Great! Give me a minute. This is my first time doing this and I’m looking for the proper order to do this in. I’ll get the isk to you in a few minutes.

@Risien_Drogonne you send me the isk and account name. Then i confirm receipt of the isk and initiate transfer.

Send the info in ingame mail?

@Risien_Drogonne yes and document that you did on this post.

ISK and account info sent.

@Risien_Drogonne I’ll be home from work in a couple of hours (us east) at which time i will confirm i have received the isk and will transfer character to your account. I will update this post when i have done so.

@Risien_Drogonne I confirm receipt of 8b ISK and character Snakehead has been transferred to the account info you provided. Thanks and good luck to you!

Character received. Thanks!

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