WTS 11.4m Amarr starter character

Positive wallet
In Ubar (Genesis)
Sec Status 0.5
Remap available x 2
In NPC Corp
No kill rights
No JCs

Buyout 15b

Make me an offer :slight_smile:

8 Bil my offer and can u claim with ur account that u are under sale

That was my error, i sold char that has posted the sale and didn’t realise forum would still allow me to use him.

Happy to agree 8b. Mail details in-game etc. and i can get transfer moving along.

Hey I m sorry but i will have to retract my offer as my bid on another character was accepted.

6Bil Ready, Will be online.

If you could make it 7b, i’d be happy to accept.

I can do 7 billion.

ISK and account name for transfer sent as per in-game email.

Bid accepted, toon transfer process has been paid for and begun.

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